You know that being a strength coach is the best job in the world, but so does everyone else and the competition for jobs is huge. There is always another coach ready to replace you the second you quit or get fired, often working for even less money.

Employers understand this market dynamic and take full advantage of it. The trend of our industry is longer hours, less money, less security, and less quality of life as a result. If you’re reading this, you’re probably suffering from one, some or all these problems.

Success leaves clues
But thankfully there are successful coaches out there who buck this trend. They get paid well for their work, have good job security, and enjoy a quality of life that means you avoid the burnout that plagues so many other coaches.

Now we can help you to become one of them. We’ve reverse engineered the traits of the most successful coaches in the industry, and as a member of Strength Coach Network you can learn first-hand from them, receive mentorship from coaches who have gone there before you, and get strategic advice on how to rapidly ascend the coaching ladder to directorships (and stay there!).  
It's time to invest in education that serves you
Traditional education pathways are great. But a marginally better power clean or a higher jump ultimately serve the end user of training- the athlete. True coach education should serve the coach everywhere in your life: not just in training, but in your bank account, your relationships inside and out of work, and in your career progression.

At Strength Coach Network we offer holistic, individualised coach education to provide you with the knowledge, skills, connections, and career strategy to help you get your dream job, whether that is the high school down the road or a major professional organisation.  
More money, more results, more quality of life
What use is being a strength coach if you go through life living from paycheck to paycheck, spending 10 hours per day on the floor, getting a little bit better at delivering the same programme again and again, year after year? Your employer won’t notice or care, but your spouse WILL, and not in a good way.  
To have a long, successful, well paid and well-balanced carer, you have to be different:
Replicate what world class coaches are doing with athletes in the real world
Work as much on your coaching as you do in your coaching. Use coaching systems and processes to take back time for your personal and family life, and still get great results for your athletes.
Build the kind of contacts and relationships that see you being offered jobs, not applying for them.
Become financially robust through strategic negotiation and other business income.
This is where the best come to learn
Our membership and speakers list are home to coaches who operate at the very top of the profession- from major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and EPL, to international competitions like the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics, to highly successful private businesses.

Strength Coach Network staff and members know what it takes to land big jobs, produce world class athletes, and build the kind of career that gets you paid. Now we’ll show you how.
You must change
Let’s be blunt. Getting an internship, GA or even an entry level assistant job is just about hard work. Be enthusiastic, available, likeable and if you put in enough time, someone somewhere will hire you. But many a successful intern has sucked as a salaried coach, been passed over for promotions, or even fired.

If you want to put on the big boy or girl pants and be the kind of coach that gets a big time title or salary, it’s all about results. And what gets results in the real word, in true high-performance environments is vastly different to what you learned in university or accreditation.

The best coaches treat themselves like a business. Like all successful businesses they learn to work ON the system rather than IN the system. True coaching success doesn't come from being on the floor with athletes.

It comes from developing the systems and processes that produce predictable success, in selling oneself, being an effective communicator, and becoming the hub through which important decisions and information flows within your organisation.

Don’t ask those on the side line how to play the game
Your degree from university serves a purpose, but telling coaches in the trenches how to reach the very top of the field is not one of them. Respectfully, most of the professors you learned from have never worked in sport. Let alone elite level sport.

Their curriculum is an exercise in box checking, and fail to accurately represent the real problems facing strength coaches in team environments like yours. This is typical of the fundamental disconnect between what universities teach, and what the elite level demands.

Rather than work forwards like so many, we worked backwards from what successful coaches are actually doing, and we brought them to Strength Coach Network for you  to learn from

You are in an arms race
Do not be the average strength coach. The average coach is a decent all rounder, applies for jobs cold, and attends a few clinics or conferences per year. The average coach also spends years being underpaid and overworked as a low level assistant.

The sooner you start distinguishing yourself from what is average, the faster you’ll rise up the ranks and earn the kind of pay, title and security that you want.

You are in an arms race that never stops. You must be constantly working on your craft, updating your skillset and refining your career strategy to cultivate opportunities and convert them into well-paid, sought-after jobs.

How I reached the elite level after just 3 years
Early on in my career, I subconsciously applied the same principles that we espouse at Strength Coach Network to rise quickly up the career ladder. 3 years after starting grad school I was working for the University of Maryland. A Power 5 football conference that just had some of the best NFL talent and draft picks.

The likes of Darrius Heyward-Bey and Shawne Merriman just graduated from Maryland and were in the NFL. I also arrived on campus at the same time as a true freshman named Stefon Diggs (who has now gone on to multiple All Pro and Pro Bowl NFL years).

I was able to use my small, but powerful, network to help me move from Maryland to a storied Power 5 Football Program - The University of Iowa. In less than 2 years from arriving at Iowa I helped the team achieve a perfect 12-0 regular season ending in a Rose Bowl berth.

Inside Strength Coach Network we’ll help you to identify exactly what it is you need to unlock your potential and accelerate your career.

We’ll take you through our in-house auditing process to identify your strengths and weaknesses, provide you with specific resources, help you to design an individualized career plan of action, then keep you accountable through the process to achieve your goals.

If a meticulous approach like this is necessary to train world class athletes, why will anything less suffice for you and your career?

Let us break down the Strength Coach Network experience for you so you can see exactly all the value that is on offer:
  • Conour Houlian

    Strength & Conditioning Student, Ireland

    As a student in the final year of my S&C degree, when searching for S&C topics and questions I had regarding career development, I usually wasted a lot of time and got information from unreliable sources. Becoming a member of the SCN allowed me to be much more efficient with my time by providing me directly with quality information through presentations and discussions from practitioners who are at the top of their sport and have been there and done it.

    The primary thing that keeps me using the SCN is not just the quality of information it provides but the community feeling to it. Along with presentations and webinars, I have taken most value from things such as networking, program review threads, CV reviews, and discussion with regard to progressing in the industry. The quantity of information available on the SCN is evident from the fact that it is used by people just starting out in S&C, and also those who currently hold top roles in pro sport. It's something I will continue to use and highly recommend to others as I continue to do so.

  • TS

    Tom Short

    1st Team Strength & Conditioning Coach Burnley Football Club

    As a young strength coach, its often difficult to decipher the sheer amount of information that is available in our field. This puts great pressure on coaches like myself, as we are programmed to constantly critique and want to further our knowledge base. Speaking from experience, this leads to being swallowed up in an all-consuming knowledge storm- the more you read, the less you begin to understand.

    As a coach working in professional football, you can find yourself being unchallenged in your thoughts and practice, with other people in your department not willing to challenge you, whatever the reason. This leads to stagnation as a coach and is a place I have spent a large part of my coaching career in. I needed to break the mould and begin to once again, challenge my thoughts and practice.

    Upon joining the community, I didn't know what to expect. I immediately felt out of my depth when I saw some of the names of the coaches who are posting the various webinars and threads. This anxiety was very quickly quashed, when I realised that questions were being answered in a eloquent, articulate and concise way, whereby no question was too big or too small. Upon dropping my coach's ego, I decided to delve into some threads and engage in some conversations.

    This was arguably a turning point in my strength coach career. I had finally found a place where other strength coaches had been through my frustrations and had come through the other side with solutions. Whatever question you have, this is the place to dive in and find out. The monthly webinars are supplied by the highest quality of coach and are always fantastically informative, with each one tweaking my ever-growing performance plan. I cannot recommend the community enough.

  • Gabriel Genuso

    Birmingham City Football Club Ladies

    I remember graduating in 2017 with a 2;1 in sports science ready to enter to world of work but soon came to the realisation that jobs in sport were few and far apart and even internships required unrealistic amounts of experience. After many unsuccessful applications and disappointment I was almost ready to give up. I then saw them saw an advertisement for so I decided to give the $1 trial a go. After only one day I was exposed to more real world strength and conditioning techniques and practical science than I had during an entire 3 year degree.

    It not only changed my own training for the better but It gave me the confidence to start a masters degree in strength & conditioning which allowed me to find an internship. From that point following a vast wealth of ebooks, webinars and careers advice from a whole host of elite coaches in particular from Keir I was able to craft my own methodology which has resulted in me landing the position of lead Strength and power Coach at a top professional women's team whilst still studying my masters.

    I can't recommend the site enough to aspiring strength and conditioning coaches. If you want to get anywhere in this super competitive world you need to learn from the best and Keir is one of the best!

  • Jeff Dolan

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    With Strength Coach Network, the guys have truly provided a one-stop shop for anyone looking to further his or her education and become a better coach, assembling a streamlined educational platform with the best available resources and actionable information from the world's best practitioners in the field.

  • Graeme Morris

    Newtown Jets Rugby League

    All of the lectures have been from high quality coaches with great information to further my education. The forum also allows you to ask questions and interact with others. I highly recommend Strength Coach Network to all coaches looking to develop their knowledge and professional connections.

  • Ben Eaves

    Miami University Men's Hockey

    I just want to leave a brief message concerning Strength Coach Network. I'm one of its newest members and I found it to be invaluable as I look for new information. A community of great coaches that are sharing ideas and trying to push the field forward.

    So thanks to the guys and everyone else who's contributing. I hope we're just at the beginning of this as we try to help our athletes achieve new heights.

    Join us inside Strength Coach Network today and get immediate access to the kind of
    world class information, connections and advice that will put you on the fast track to your next job.
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    • What if I find I don't have time to access the community?

      Well, no problem. If you feel you are too busy to utilise the information or support on offer, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any moment with immediate effect

      There is no minimum time commitment, but even our busiest members find that a few hours per week adds up to huge learning and development over a year.

      Learning to spend more time working ON the system rather than IN the system is just one of the major concepts we advocate for at Strength Coach Network

    • Can't I just get this information for free from the internet?

      As the old saying goes: “Results can be good, cheap or fast. You only get to pick two”. True, there is a wealth of information out there on the internet, but much of it is bullshit disseminated by people who have never coached an elite athlete in their life.

      On the rare occasions that established coaches do publish high quality information, it typically just scratches the surface of a particular topic or doesn’t provide the correct environment for detailed discussion or Q&A with the presenter.

      The best learning is reserved for those coaches who invest in themselves. We invest a lot of money in bringing top practitioners to our network, but our group structure means we are able to keep subscription fees low for our members. We are confident you won’t be able to find this amount and quality of coaching education elsewhere for cheaper.

    • What if I'm not using the information available?

      Our member on-boarding process will ensure that you’re exposed to all the site has to offer, and that you’re able to get maximum value from the information, support and interaction available.

      If you are a motivated strength coach, you’ll want to use this site. If life gets in the way however, for example a change of career or a prolonged lay off, we can cancel your membership with immediate effect, no strings attached.

    • What if I don't like the site?

      You can try the site in full for 24 hours for just $1. If you feel the site is not for you, you can cancel before becoming a regular member, no strings attached.

    • Aren't there other, cheaper sites out there?

      If you can go elsewhere and rub shoulders with elite level coaches, learn from world class practitioners, and get in depth, personalised career support from some of the best in the field for less, we want to hear about it. If you want to be a top level team sport strength coach, we're the right fit for you.

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