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Brijesh Patel, 2024 NSCA College COY, 2023 National Champion
“Much of a strength and conditioning coaches learning comes after college and the certification process. Finding good resources for continuing education can be challenging but SCN has solved that challenge by creating a resource and network that benefits young coaches all the way to veterans."
Jake Flint, Director of Athletic Performance LSU Football

SCN is a great resource for anyone in the field of human performance/S&C

Having been in the field for 15 years, I wish I had this resource coming up.

I was interested in a place that would provide opportunities to both learn from and connect with practitioners in the field. 

Thomas Malchow MSKin, Trainfuly Sports Performance
"SCN is one of my most trusted resources for continuing education and networking. Monitoring over 150 elite golfers and hockey players can be challenging, but the video lectures "Digging Deeper With the Data" and "Google Sheets Data Management" helped me solve some problems I was having. Wherever you are in your career as a Strength Coach,
you'll find SCN helpful"
Nick Shedd, Houston Astros
Strength Coach Network is by far the best educational and networking service available to practitioners.  The presentations are very high quality.

The coaching tools and templates have made my programming and planning a lot smoother.

On top of all that, the members are extremely interactive and responsive so it's easy to get questions answered and share opinions on current topics surrounding performance.  The cost/benefit of this website is worth every penny!
Phil Aumack, Stockton University
The Strength Coach Network has been a vital tool for my development as a sports performance professional. The membership offers a seemingly endless amount of webinars and presentations covering a variety of areas in the field from rehab to training to high-performance staff development.

This only scratches the surface of the value the SCN offers. The most valuable offering is the forums where members are free to post any thoughts, questions, or problems they deal with, while having all members available to submit their advice, guidance, and share their related experiences. This becomes a great environment to build your skillset, develop new professional relationships, and open yourself up to different ideas.

I have had a conversation with Keir on the forums on how to evaluate my own career progress and he walked me through the process and even recommended a few presentations that could help develop my weaker areas, which has had a profound effect on my career.

Personally, I have learned a ton via webinars. Not only are the presenters of high quality but the information they present is not the same regurgitated presentations we tend to see at clinics and conferences. These presenters possess extensive knowledge and provide applicable information you can take right into your setting. This is not exclusive to collegiate, youth, professional, or private sectors.

Anyone in the realm of sports performance can benefit, and you will hear from professionals in each of those sectors, which is why any and all professionals could benefit from signing up for a membership. I can't thank Keir enough for providing this service, I started my membership early on and have seen it grow into what it is today, and look forward to seeing how it grows in the future.

Conor Houlihan, Wasps Rugby
As a student in the final year of my S&C degree, when searching for S&C topics and questions I had regarding career development, I usually wasted a lot of time and got information from unreliable sources.

Becoming a member of the SCN allowed me to be much more efficient with my time by providing me directly with quality information through presentations and discussions from practitioners who are at the top of their sport and have been there and done it.

The primary thing that keeps me using the SCN is not just the quality of information it provides but the community feeling to it. Along with presentations and webinars, I have taken most value from things such as networking, program review threads, CV reviews, and discussion with regard to progressing in the industry.

The quantity of information available on the SCN is evident from the fact that it is used by people just starting out in S&C, and also those who currently hold top roles in pro sport. It’s something I will continue to use and highly recommend to others as I continue to do so.

Peter Wright, Ballintubber GAA
The Strength Coach Network has been invaluable to me since COVID-19 forced the world into lockdown. Prior to joining I had struggled to find a S&C upskilling course that I felt would actually further my development as a coach.

Many courses out there offer their own accreditation but it is often from a very biased point of view, and in most cases the price far exceeds the value of the course. This is not the case with SCN.

The platform offers continual professional development, from a variety of credible sources, that provide the user with a chance to upskill in all disciplines related to coaching.

The ability to connect and converse with the presenters is a major benefit, and allows the platform to serve the same function as an in-person seminar, for a fraction of the cost. I couldn't recommend joining highly enough to any and all coaches out there.

Dave Forman, Washington & Lee University
Strength Coach Network is what I needed 20 years ago when I began this career path.  It challenges me daily.  It is a valuable, trusted, ‘must-have’ resource for coaches of all levels.
Ankit Tivrekar, Ramnarain Ruia College Boxing
I have been following Keir for almost 3 years and been a fan of his thought process. It was last year that I decided to get a membership of SCN and it has been the foundation of not just my Coaching process but also my thought pattern about learning and implementation of knowledge.

Recently I had asked for suggestions about growing in the private sector and 2 weeks later we had a presentation from one of the experienced and successful coaches in industry.

Now I always have the confidence that if I come up with any situation in performance or my current process SCN can act as a filter and quality control.

Best part about SCN is the white belt mentality of everyone where you don’t feel any reluctance to ask questions. I have stopped spending money on courses and workshops which don’t offer nearly as much value for money or insight.

I am really grateful to Keir for setting this platform and I’m a big supporter of his work. I would highly recommend SCN for any S&C or sports professional to set a solid foundation and a guiding source. Cheers.

Mike Caiazzo, Owner, Fitness & Performance Studio, Maine, USA
I have very much enjoyed my membership with the Strength Coach Network. What the staff and the presenting coaches provide are second to none. It is the best resource and learning tool that I have come across and/or used throughout my 20 year career period!

I tell my trainers and interns that if they want to stay ahead of the S&C competition, learn and develop with cutting edge science based content through the Strength Coach Network.

I would highly recommend the Strength Coach Network to any strength and conditioning coach. Whether they are in high school or a college student looking to get into the field or even a coach who has been in the field as long as I have been.

Keep doing great things and putting up great content!

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